Loft + case study – eaves airtightness

Loft + case study – eaves airtightness

Retrofitting airtightness to eaves is always a tricky detail.  The joists were boxed under and around with OSB / ply which was sealed first with Orcon F and then taped with Tecson Vana.  Solido SL was used to continue the airtightness to the wall as the fleece backing and can be plastered.  The black above the joists is 6mm acoustic strip.

Loft + case study – insulation to walls

Loft + case study – insulation to walls

A continuous 40mm semi rigid woodfibre batt thermally isolates the timber studwork from the (external) masonry party wall to the west with further woodfibre batts between and being water vapour open (and with the lime parge) should be a long term robust solution.  The east party wall is more complicated due to the elevated risk of damp due to the neighbour’s chimney stack and the MVHR ducts so vermiculite was poured all the way down the chimney flues and continued up to insulate the wall in the loft.  vermiculite doesn’t have quite as good thermal performance but it’s ability to flow into every area was critical and should stop flanking noise travelling up the chimney flues and negating efforts made with the floors!

BSBMeetup / June – sustainable retrofit tour

Just to reconfirm this coming Tuesday 13th June’s BSBM will be ‘ON TOUR’ at 92 Livingstone Road, Hove, BN3 3WL at 7pm for a tour of phase 2 of the sustainable renovation to my own house and then we can head to the Station pub around 8ish (although there is a table booked from 7pm).  No need to bring any safety clothing but there will be ladder(s)!  Note we can also take a look at phase 1 of the works completed in 2014.  Both the site and pub are within 5 minutes of Hove station.  Book is not essential but would be appreciated.  THERE WILL NOT BE ANYONE AT THE USUAL VENUE, THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR PUB IN BRIGHTON.

BSBM – TOUR sustainable renovation

I’m planning a tour of the latest stage in the renovation to my house, most notably a loft conversion which is in full swing and should be at an interesting stage for the BSBM meeting in JUNE on the 13th.  So instead of meeting at the Trafalgar I’m suggesting meeting on site (92 Livingstone Road, Hove, BN3 3WL) at 7pm and then we can head to a local pub around 8ish.   I’ll reconfirm nearer the time, but please let me know if you’re interested.  Phase 1 of the renovation was completed in 2014 and included external wall insulation and triple glazing.

EWI bling!

EWI bling!

Recently completed the remodeling of a 1950’s extension wrapping it in 200mm of external wall insulation (EWI) and transforming the aesthetics at the same time. Click on the before and after photo below to enlarge

EWI-retrofit-Hove composite LR

Any recommendations for fenestration suppliers?

Can anyone recommend a supplier of inward opening aluminium clad timber windows (and ideally front and folding doors) for a low energy domestic retrofit in Brighton?

There’s so many out there, it would be good to hear about examples of companies offering excellent windows at a decent price and with good customer service…

Low energy renovation with Warmcell

Low energy renovation of a bungalow in Rottingdean including loft conversion and side extension. The existing roof was transformed by stripping back to the frame to utilise all internal space, adding deep rafters alongside the existing to super insulate with 300mm of Warmcell (cellulose insulation). High performance airtightness, windtightness and triple glazed rooflights complete the building envelope.  More details and images

PhD research into pre-1919 suspended timber ground floors

Sofie Pelsmakers is an environmental architect and PhD researcher at UCL and is investigating pre-1919 suspended timber ground floors and how best to insulate these.

She is looking for people who are planning to insulate their timber ground floors and would be happy to be involved in a monitoring programme. or

Sustainable renovation featured in Sussex Life

An exciting sustainable renovation by Jim Miller Design of an Edwardian house in the Queen’s Park conservation area in Brighton has been featured in the October issue of Sussex Life.  The ‘My Space’ section has a double page spread offering a flavour of the project or you can see more on the website