Sustainable renovation including rear extension and loft conversion in Shoreham

Complete renovation of this 1860’s Victorian mid terrace cottage in the Shoreham-by-Sea conservation area in Sussex.

The ground floor was transformed by knocking through the small kitchen and rear reception rooms and extending to the rear/side to provide a large open plan living space. A fully glazed roof and folding doors flood the space with light.

The loft conversion provides a welcome additional bedroom and was squeezed in by dropping the first floor ceiling and benefits from high levels of insulation and airtightness.

Other sustainable features include triple glazing to the folding doors, under floor heating and a bathroom fan with heat recovery all contributing to improved comfort and lower energy bills. Lime plaster and natural breathable paints to the ‘bungeroosh’ walls ensure the 19th century walls continue to ‘breathe’

“We are delighted with the way our house has been remodelled and are very happy that we chose Jim.” Peter Riley, Shoreham-by-Sea